Alexandros Jewelry


The workshop of Alexandros Jewelry opened in 1976 in central Athens, at No. 8 Praxitelous street and this is where it remains up to today.

Its inspirational and practical location have done justice the owner who moved a few spots prior to discovering it.

The workshop employs 5 expert technicians who boast long experience in jewelry creation. All of the shapes and designs created and produced are wholly based on the ideas and sketches of Mr. Alexandros Rogavopoulos himself.

Extreme emphasis is given to the quality of the materials used. The owner is particularly interested in undertaking special orders for custom-made pieces.

There is absolutely nothing that the workshop cannot cover as a special request.

Note: The workshop does not serve as a store in Athens. Customers can either shop at the two distinct stores in Santorini island or online via the official website of Alexandros Jewelry.